Custom Longhorn Mounts
Engraved Plates
Another simpler option for customizing your longhorn mount is an engraved plate.
Contact us to order: 877-871-5283
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There are many different options for customizing your horn mount. Any of the horns listed on the Mounted Longhorn
page can be customized. For customized leather you can call or email your ideas or logos that you would like used.
Another option is to have an engraved plate screwed to the wooden mounting plaque. For ideas see examples below.
Contact us for a pricing quote or help in designing your own customized longhorns.
Hand Tooled Leather
Leather tooling is done by saddle and boot maker Shane Deeter of Deeter Custom Saddlery in La Sal, Utah.
This pair of horns was put together for a 50th
anniversary present. The leather work was an
added $185.
This logo was done for the High Star Ranch
of Kamas, Utah. Added cost of $175.
Poll Mount- This idea came from seeing some antique mounts in
Texas where they had cut off the poll section of the skull, which
mounted it. To get this same look without the skull I have carved
and shaped a wooden piece that looks and feels exactly like a
longhorn poll section. It is then wrapped in cowhide and mounted.
This costs an additional $500.
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Trophy built for the 173d Airborne Brigade
Combat Teams annual running of the herd
competition. The competition is to see which
team can run the farthest in 24 hours. Each year
the winners names will be engraved on a plaque
under the horns.
Order online or call toll free
"I wanted to send you a quick email to let you know how absolutely pleased we were with your work! The horns were beautiful and
your craftsmanship, commendable.  Our European clients were blown away by our gift to them on Friday- what a perfect South Texas
present!  We appreciate your attention to detail and in working within our limited timeline.  It has been a pleasure working with you
and we will do repeat business in the future.  Word has already spread amongst a handful of our clients and districts of this
extraordinary gift, and I imagine others will follow suit.
Again, thank you for crafting a such beautiful and memorable gift."
Ingleside, Texas
Two pairs of custom built horns that were presented at the christening of an oil platform off of the coast of Texas.
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Company logo tooled for AKP Media. Added cost
of $155.
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Customized wedding gift. Added cost $175.
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Added cost $185
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Added cost $185
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Johny is a fan of John Deere. (Yes, I double checked
the spelling.) Added cost $200.
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Custom leather work done for Taurasi Capital Management. Nothing says bull market like a 90 inch pair of longhorns.
Proud Texans at the Mitchell Ranch.
Added cost $165
Earnhardt Cadillac commemorated an award winning year of sales with custom leather and an engraved plate.
Total added cost $200.
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This engraved plate was added to pair of horns given to Akio
Toyoda, President and CEO of Toyota Motor Corp. They were
presented to him during the National Dealer Convention in
Las Vegas as a welcoming gift for moving the U.S.
headquarters to Plano, Texas.
Engraved Plates are a popular addition to retirement
gifts. Added cost $40.
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An easy way to remind the recipient why this
magnificent gift was given. Added cost $30.
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Plates can also be added in color.
Added cost $60