Texas Longhorn Skulls
Authentic Texas Longhorn Skulls. Skulls are professionally cleaned through a
multi-step process.
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The horns are taken off for shipping and are easily reattached by sliding the horn
over the skull bone. Skulls come ready to be hung on the wall
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4' 3" Texas Longhorn Skull #151 $599.00
This is an excellent skull, full of curve and character. They measure 51 inches from tip to tip. The skull is professionally cleaned and is museum quality. They do not come any cleaner than this one.
"That head signified not only an occupation, but a kind of honor that men not engaged, as well as those engaged,
in it would render the animal on which it rested. That head symbolized strength and power and wide-ranging
freedom in the great out-yonder."
-J. Frank Dobie
The Longhorns
3' 5" Texas Longhorn Skull #41 $565.00 SOLD
An excellent skull with tall twisting horns. They measure 41 inches from tip to tip with each horn measuring 19 inches from tip to base.
3' 11" Texas Longhorn Skull #47 $565.00
This is a nice big skull with low curvy horns. They measure 47 inches from tip to tip with each horn measuring 22 inches from tip to base.