Hand Tooled Leather

Leather tooling is done by saddle and boot maker Shane Deeter of Deeter Custom Saddlery in La Sal, Utah

Trophy built for the 173d Airborne Brigade Combat Teams annual running of the herd competition. The competition is to see which team can run the farthest in 24 hours. Each year the winners names will be engraved on a plaque under the horns.

Company logo tooled for AKP Media. Added cost $185. 

Proud Texans at the Mitchell Ranch. Added cost $185. 

Falcon's Nest. Added cost $250.

Halle Beef Services, Quebec, Canada. Added cost $185. 


50th Anniversary design in color with a basket weave background. Added cost $275.

Logo for High Star Ranch, Kamas, Utah. Added cost $200.

Pasillas Cattle Co. with color Added cost $250.


This customer wanted bright John Deere colors, so the letters were cut out and the yellow was stitched in behind. Added cost $250. 

Irish Family reunion horns. This customer drew what they wanted and had it tooled onto the horns. Added cost $185.


Earnhardt Cadillac had both leather tooling and an engraved plate added to commemorate their accomplishments. 


Engraved Plates

Another simpler option for customizing your longhorn mount is an engraved plate. Contact us to order: 877-871-5283 jim@droverhouse.com

An easy way to remind the recipient why this magnificent gift was given. Added cost $30.

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Engraved Plates are a popular addition to retirement gifts. Added cost $40.

Plates can also be done in color. This one was for a Golf tournament.