The Drover House is owned and operated by Jim Mundorf. He designs and builds all of the longhorn products that The Drover House offers. Jim grew up on a farm in southwest Iowa working the land and livestock. He grew up working cattle, fixing fences and dreaming of a time and a land where there were no fences. A time where the cattle had horns and ran wild. What it must have been like to work those wild cattle. He had a passion for everything cowboy and his mother bought him his prize possession, a pair of old mounted horns that she found in an antique shop.

Jim in a college apartment with the horns from his childhood and his other prized possession. 

As Jim grew older the boyhood passion faded a little. After high school he lived in Wyoming for a 
short time. Then moved back to Iowa, attended a couple of colleges and worked a number of part time jobs. Each summer he would make trips west, traveling through Texas, Colorado, Wyoming and Montana. Everywhere he lived the small pair of horns has had a prominent place on the wall. 

Then as a senior in college, while back home on the farm, Jim got the chance to work cattle on 
horseback with his brother. That day while sorting pairs on a borrowed horse and saddle, a boyhood passion for everything Cowboy was reignited. He returned to college and read,
 The Log of a Cowboy, by Andy Adams and from their read everything he could get his hands on about the cattle trail days.  After graduating in May he continued working part time jobs and helping out on the farm, all while planning to start a business that combined his love for the history of the Cowboy and his talent in woodworking. 

In August of the same year Jim sat down on the floor of his one bedroom basement apartment. There, under the pair of horns he’d had since he was a boy, he worked with a pair of longhorns, a block of wood, a hammer and a chisel. Early the next morning the horns were together and The Drover House was started.

In 2007, after three years of working out of his apartment and a friend's garage, Jim purchased a home and 
workshop with his new wife Kristin. He is continually creating, while at the same time researching the early 
Cowboys and the old time longhorn craftsmen. He still travels west as often as possible. He lives close enough to the family farm to work with cattle and horses and still dreams of a time and a land without fences, when the cattle ran wild.

Jim working cattle on the family farm.